Car Headlights, Why Is It Important To Take Care Of Them?

The lights or headlights of the car can get dirty, fog up and prevent the passage of light when it is parked for a long time in a very saline area or with a lot of suns, which reduces the lighting level by a large percentage. Car headlights have a thin layer to protect them, but over time they will burn out or get damaged, making them dull. With this, it is possible to detect if the car is old because it is enough to see if the headlights are yellow or opaque.

The plastic that is used to make the cover of the lights is polycarbonate. These polycarbonates offer manufacturers great advantages because it is very easy to mold and lighter material while being strong and resistant. This material is difficult to scratch and can provide greater transparency to the light emitted by the installed light source.

Although the protective layer is made of high-quality materials, its biggest disadvantage is that sunlight, oxidation, and dirt can cause its high degradation. These are your biggest enemies, which can degrade to shallow opacity or light yellow.

Why Take Care of Car Headlights

The headlights of the car must be taken care of, not only to maintain aesthetics but also to be able to drive efficiently. When the headlight is dim, the exterior visibility of the car will be reduced, which can lead to problems while driving, putting the driver in danger.

In addition, there will still be less visibility and lighting when there is heavy snow, dense fog, storms, etc. Most headlights made of plastic can be cleaned at home, but if it’s a glass headlight, it’s best to have it inspected by an expert technician.

Before cleaning car headlights, you should first inspect them in daylight and turn the lights off and on; this will help determine the damage and choose the most effective cleaning method. Drivers are used to cleaning a car’s headlights in many ways, but first, the entire car, or at least the front end, must be washed to remove all dirt.

Techniques for cleaning car headlights

Cleaning Headlight Techniques

To prevent your car headlights from becoming dull again in just weeks or months after cleaning them, we recommend using a UV sealant, spray protector, or even a protective film to prevent them from being damaged like the first time.

If you’re in need of car headlights replacement or other car repair services, visit San Diego Bumpers Website for further help.

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What Will Your 3PL Provider Do For You?


Third-party logistics (3PL) are considered very essential in the eCommerce world. With 3PL, they will handle your fulfillment for you. They will take care of the packing, picking, storage, and also shipment of your products. Generally, 3PL providers will do a lot of things.

So, what exactly should you expect from your 3PL provider? We’ll be discussing that in this article.

  • Product Transportation

The 3PLs do engage carriers, and they also consolidate the less than truckload (LTL) and less than container load (LCL) freights. They will keep track of the insurance documents and freight payment as they work along with private fleets. As you work with your 3PL, it will help to lower your transportation costs. In turn, it will drive efficiencies and develop solutions for the sophisticated challenges in the supply chain.

  • IT

Another thing that the 3PL provider will be responsible for is information technology. Too often, the 3PL will use IT to manage eCommerce, transportation, warehouse operations, as well as customer relationships. They will use tools like application programming interface (API), electronic data interchange (EDI), as well as other cloud-based systems. Regardless of the tool that will be used by the 3PL, they will aim at bettering the overall performance in the supply chain processes.

  • Global Shipping

It can be complicated and tiresome to sip items globally. Luckily, the 3PL will handle your global shipping logistics. They will handle logistics like freight forwarding, consolidation, as well as customs. With this, you can be sure of less effort. It also saves you time and money for handling all these logistics.

The 3PL will act as the client’s business representative. They will also work hard to ensure all the trade compliance requirements are met and that the costs are handled properly.

Here are other functions of a 3PL provider;

  • Warehousing items
  • Mail/address handling
  • Labeling products
  • Staging area for product photography
  • Inspecting and storing returns

It is always important to work with a reliable 3PL companies in southern California. Ensure that the 3PL provider you choose will be efficient enough when working with you. Consider that with Sooner Logistics in Southern California.



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